OPTILOG provides value-added advisory services in the transportation and logistics sector. Our competences in supply chain operations, as well as the optimization techniques we use to tackle complex problems, are the main reasons for attracting global clients.

OPTILOG is strong in implementing and achieving lasting results. This is the best advantage for our clients. Our focus is to understand our client’s business issues, develop team dynamics, and provide innovative solutions. We deliver value and we enjoy our clients’ success stories.

OPTILOG provides a portfolio of value-added services such as:

  • Carbon footprint calculation in organization, product and process level
  • Corporate sustainability plans and CSR reporting
  • Logistics investments assessment (e.g. cost benefit analysis, feasibility studies)
  • Vehicle Routing & scheduling optimization tools
  • Warehouse design and performance measurement
  • Cloud warehouse and inventory management tools
  • Warehouse and Transport cost control and measurement (Activity-Based Costing)
  • Logistics sourcing (RFP/Tenders preparation) – Evaluation of suppliers
  • Implementation of EU-funded projects (e.g. H2020, MED, ENPI, CEF, INTERREG)
  • Executive seminars & training courses

Our aim is to support our clients to increase their performance and become sustainable by creating tailor made solutions that result in lower operational cost, higher productivity and customer service as well as more environmental friendly operations.